| My name is Helen & I am located in Durham, North East England | My work is inspired by nature, oddities & the music/movies/TV shows I love |

Postage costs. A rough guide.
I try to keep my postage costs as fair as possible and therefore do not make profit from postage.
Below are a list of the standard prices for postage, please note some prices are subject to change.

Prints £1.50-£2.00
Originals £3.00
Stickers £1.00
Tshirts £3.00

Everywhere Else:
Prints: £3.00
Originals £5.00
Stickers £2.00
Tshirts £7.00

I tend to ship items once a week, but please do contact me if this may be a problem. I'm always happy to help. 

In an effort to reduce plastic waste I try and pack prints into as few Cello Bags as possible. If this is a problem do feel free to contact me.
Original art is placed in a Cello Bag with a foam board to prevent damage during postage.
Prints do not come with backing but are shipped in board backed envelopes.

I am just one person that draws, prints, cuts and packs all orders so please be patient and contact me if you have any concerns.
Thank you.
Contact: hb@helenbee.com