COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS, EU and International Shipping INFORMATION:

It is with a heavy heart that I will only be accepting orders from the UK on this store. From January 1st 2021 England will no longer be part of the EU and there will be stricter regulations and higher prices on shipping to countries outside of the UK. Alongside the impact that Corona virus is having on shipping also.

For those that would still like to support me I have an Inprint Store that accepts international orders.

I appreciate every person who supports my store as this is currently my only source of income and I urge people to be patient with independent sellers as we are unable to control what is happening.
♥ Stay home, stay safe, be kind ♥

| My name is Helen & I am located in Durham, North East England | My work is inspired by nature, oddities & the music/movies/TV shows I love |


Do you take commissions?
Yes I do please contact me via my website helenbee.com for more information

Can I get a tattoo of your art?
Thats fine! Please do contact me first incase the art was a commissioned piece for someone else.

Whats up with your Business Cards?
I had to amend my business cards with homemade stickers because I ordered over 1000 cards and shortly after a lot of my information changed, I felt it was wasteful to just throw them away and so decided it was better to correct them. Either way you still get a nice free mini art print featuring my Strawberry Bunny girl!

Postage costs. A rough guide.
I try to keep my postage costs as fair as possible and therefore do not make profit from postage.
Below are a list of the standard prices for postage, please note some prices are subject to change.

Prints £2.00
Originals £3.00
Stickers £1.00
Tshirts £3.00

I tend to ship items once a week, but please do contact me if this may be a problem. I'm always happy to help. 

In an effort to reduce plastic waste I try and pack prints into as few Cello Bags as possible. If this is a problem do feel free to contact me.
Original art is placed in a Cello Bag with a foam board to prevent damage during postage.
Prints do not come with backing but are shipped in board backed envelopes.

I am just one person that draws, prints, cuts and packs all orders so please be patient and contact me if you have any concerns.
Thank you.