Digital Commissions

£35.00 - £47.00
  • Digital Commissions
  • Digital Commissions
  • Digital Commissions

I have open slots for commissioned artwork. Please see examples for each tier.
Prices start from £35 and include a print of the finished art in 5x7 or 5x5 for sketched headshot. Larger sizes can be chosen from the menu for an additional small charge.
Postage is charged at my usual print shipping rate but if you would prefer not to receive a print please do contact me before buying to discuss this.

Starting price of each commission type includes 1 character and a simple background. For more characters (for example a Pokemon team) or a scene etc please contact me for an adjusted price.
How it works:
•Firstly we discuss what you would like. The character, person or even your Animal Crossing character, D&D character or own original OC.
•Next I sketch up the design and send it to you before progressing for any small adjustments.
•Then I will work on finishing the design and will send progress updates to keep you involved in the process.
•Once finished I send the digital file and print if you have chosen to receive one.
Please note commissions can take 2-4 weeks to complete & additional time to ship.

Will draw:
Fan Art
Comicbook characters
TV or Movie Characters
Pet Portraits
Fantasy Characters
RPG and LARP Characters
Mythical Characters and Creatures

•NB: No NSFW, excessive gore, violence.
•I can also take many other kind of commission including Logos, Icons etc. So please feel free to contact me with any projects you may have in mind.